For the first time in it’s history Algemesí’s becerradas have been in the front page in all national media. This year the confrontations between activists and people in favour of the becerradas, have surprised because of their intensity. Demonstrations have last for 3 days and have ended up with several wounded people and three detentions. This last accused of public disorder, resistance and serious disobedience. As it usually happens, all the people under arrest were activists despite the fact that they were the attacked. Even for several minutes tragedy could be sensed when some residents of Algemesí tried to push an activists who had unfolded a placard from a considerable height and who held on to a wood column while he was punched numerous times. In the meantime no one did absolutely anything to avoid it.

This strong protests and the media coverage put on the table a celebration that was unknown until then for a huge majority of Spaniards and from then on has become one of the bloodiest festivities, together with Toro Jubilo in Medinaceli (Soria) or the Torneo del Toro de la Vega in Tordesillas (Valladolid). In fact, some representatives of the Verdes Esquerra Ecologista (an ecologist, left-winged political party), party integrated in Compromís (an ecologist, left-winged political party), didn’t hesitate to declare in a statement that the “brutality” in the Toro de la Vega “was small” in comparison, because in this Valencian celebration “there’s not even an ox, who’s tortured and killed are baby cows who go out to the ring to play and end up stabbed dead”. However there’s a very important difference between Tordesillas and Algemesí, while the first town is in its majority in favour of the Torneo del Toro de la Vega and silence those who aren’t, who are afraid of saying their opinion, in Algemesí most of the population is against this brutality that keeps happening only because the interests of a reduced group of people in favour of bullfighting and the intention of the Town hall in keeping celebrating it.

September 22th, during the nighttime becerradas, some incognito images were recorded because of the impossibility of letting the tv-cameras in due to a town halls’ prohibition. This images were broadcasted by Antena 3 and LaSexta, what made the town hall’s government team angry, which decided to take legal action against AtresMedia Group (which includes LaSexta and Antena 3) for showing images that, according to them, don’t correspond to the taurine celebration in Algemesí… All in all.


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