On this site, we intend to publish the major campaigns of the Vox Anima Association, a Spanish activist group, which started just this year; 2015.

Our overarching goal is the defense of all animals including humans. Although we intend to focus our efforts on the most vulnerable and defenseless animals, we will also focus our attention and efforts on humans who are victims of injustice and exploitation too.

So, you will find here, along with a campaign against bullfighting or experimentation with animals, also campaigns against racism, xenophobia and sexual slavery as well.

A major objective of the Vox Anima Association is to highlight the parallels of abuse shared by both powerless humans and other defenseless animals and to show that all suffering should not be tolerated, but should be aggressively challenged.

The title NO TO VIOLENCE is not only a proclamation against injustice, but it is also a statement of intent, a commitment by activists to disavow the use of any violent methods to claim JUSTICE.

The Vox Anima Association aims to become a meeting point for everyone: both individuals and organized groups from across the globe; a place to exchange and disseminate information as well a common meeting ground to join campaigns and protests.

Contact us if you want to get in involved. We invite you to partake, plan and act.