On September 29 of the year 1559, King Felipe II was a direct witness of “the Bull of Joy” (Toro Jubilo), and it remained stated in the Files of the Dukes of Medinaceli. This was the first time it was written on paper to show evidence of it, although some people think these rites come from the Celtiberian epoch. Apparently it was related to purification rites, initiations and magic. Nowadays the young boys neither mix themselves with the bulls blood to purify their bodies, nor they use magic rites to summon benevolent spirits or provoke weather changes. Well, there is no magic involved, nor purifications, but the same torture and suffering from those days is caused to the animal nowadays.

This is, obviously, incompatible with any country that had gained any cultural and ethical evolution, even so, this hasn’t happened in our own country, where the animal torture has been institutionalized and has been legislated in a way that these tortures and sufferings keep being inflicted with entire impunity.

This year, the night from the 15th to the 16th November of 2014, it was time for “Islero”. It suffered and died like all those that preceded it. The damage from the burns that where inflicted by the fires on its body and eyes, are usually irreversible, and be assured that no one was going to call a veterinarian to treat those wounds and burns. “Islero”, after attempting to flee from the pain and the panic of the fire, ends being executed away from the eyes of the public. Although the town hall and the people responsible are aware of the strong opposition and rejection that this so called “tradition” generates, won’t recognize it.

In fact, the organization Actyma, has interposed a denunciation for a supposed infraction, because the bull had been submitted to the amputation of the vocal cords before the celebration, “since no one never heard any kind of roar coming from it, not even through the whole hour that the “show” lasted, nor even under the noises of the fireworks, being impossible for its nature, according to expert ethologists”.

Nevertheless this time, there was something different from the events in the previous years, for the first time, several dozens of activists gathered and jumped to the enclosure shortly before the bull was supposed to come out at 23:30, they stuck together and handcuffed themselves to the post that had to serve for the immobilization of “Islero”, while they were putting the mechanism that had to hold the torches of the bull. While this was happening, some people quickly jumped over to the enclosure to inflict several insults, blows and even bites in an attempt to move or make the activists go away, the civil guard devoted itself to arrest 51 activists that where denounced of disobedience and took arrested 4 accused of a crime of public disorder and another one of injuries to the agents of the authority. One of the members of our Association was arrested while he was taking images of the situation.

At the time of 00:15 the celebration was taking its course again, and for a whole hour, “Islero” suffered the pain and fear from the fire while it was also enduring the humiliations caused by the people from the town called Medinaceli.



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